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Sam has just finished recording a humbling album with a very talented singer from Iran. The album is by Mahsa Vahdat and will be titled "Love Duets Across Civilizations"
New Videos: The wait is over, check out these videos of Sam's work with Mahsa Vahdat Check them out here

When Sam started to take back his career in 1996 and turned to managing himself, he founded McClain Management, which is dedicated to maintaining the integrity and individuality of artists on it’s roster. His publishing company, Emily’s Son Publishing, has been licensed since 1993 when his original work appeared on "Give "It Up To Love". McClain formed McClain Productions after successfully co-producing his CD’s with Joe Harley. And now, the last step of his independence has been realized through the creation of his own label, Mighty Music. Mighty Music will release his new CD "One More Bridge To Cross" in February 2003. His newest project, "Betcha Didn’t Know" which is as yet unreleased, is available for pre-release review.

We Support Our Fellow Artists

Sam knows what its like to have a song to sing, a message to tell and he has helped many a fellow musician deliver their message.


Mighty Sam McClain is Emily's Son Publishing

On this page you will find Sam's original material.... just as he is Emily Cherry's original material! Sam always tries to make people realize how important it is to write and own their music. This has given him better control of his life and his career.