New Projects Now Available!

Sams latest Project with Knut Reiersrud, "One Drop is Plenty"! Was just released Aug 2nd, Check out the videos on youtube Also check youtube for fan additions from shows and events.

Sam is also gearing up to work on a second alum with Mahsa Vahdat. A follow up to the "Love Duets Across Civilizations" that has spanned cultures and countries touching so many! We will update you as we begin recording.

Mighty Sam Nominated

Mighty Sam has been nominated for again for a Grammy, this time in Norway for his work with Knut Reiersrud on the album "One Drop is Plenty"

We are planning several promotional events to promote this including shows all over! We look forward to seeing you all for several nights of fantastic live music with many talented artists all over the globe. We will keep updates posted as we book shows for dates and ticket sales. See you soon!


Mighty Sam McClain