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Sam has always let his music speak for him, in this section you will be able to hear entire songs from his entire album! We think this is the best way to get to know Sam and decide which albums you would most enjoy. All the albums are available on Sam's online store or at his shows.

   Hear The Music Click Here

Photo Gallery
See your favorite Mighty Sam moments, and even peek into some new ones! get behind the scents looks at Sam and the band as well as friends and family!

We try to keep our gallery up to date and add albums as soon as we can. Continue to check back often as we intend to do our best to keep this section fresh and packed with great Mighty Sam moments!

If you have some shots that you would like to share, please send them our way, we may even use them on here to share with all Sam's friends and family.

Mighty Sam McClain has had the privilage of performing in front of audiances around the world. the videos here include some of those shows and some special tid-bits! Sam also has DVDs for sale in his store with more great footage!