One More Bridge To Cross
One More Bridge To Cross

Original Release Date: February 25, 2003

Down Beat Magazine
Frank Hadley
May 2003

World-class vocalist McClain’s soul blues is always in the service of the Man Upstairs, and his first self-produced album runneth over with heated expressions of the inner strength he derives from an  intractable faith.

Blues Revue
Thomas J. Cullen lll
April/May 2003

Few singers on the current scene blend the sensual and the spiritual as effortlessly as Mighty Sam McClain; Solomon Burke and Otis Clay come to mind, but neither has released anything comparable to McClain’s prolific output in the past decade.

His transcendent music blurs the distinction between the sacred and the secular. McClain thinks One More Bridge To Cross is his best album. Amen to that.

Ice Magazine
Bill Wasserzieher
(in Blues unlimited section, this is just a short blurb)
January 2003

Mighty Sam McClain, who has modeled his career after Bland, has launched his own label after recording several W.C. Handy Award-nominated albums for Audioquest and Telarc. McClain’s imprint, Mighty Music, debuts with “One More Bridge To Cross”.

City Link
Bob Weinberg
February 2003
(South Florida Newspaper)

Soul-blues doesn’t get much better than this. On “Why Do We Have To Say Goodbye,” the opening track to Mighty Sam McClain’s latest recording, the singer’s powerful, aching voice – which occasionally echoes that of his hero Bobby Blue Bland, especially when he lets loose with that raspy glottal cry and bellows “why, why, why, why, why” at song’s end – plumbs the very depths of loss and despair, creating that rare, cathartic magic that lovers of soul-blues crave with almost sadistic longing. One More Bridge To Cross is McClain’s declaration of independence.

A tremendously powerful and personal reflection from one of the best soul-blues practitioners alive, One More Bridge To Cross is evidence that McClain picked the right producer.


Alternative News
Bob Donovan
Feb-March 2003

I am still having a hard time believing this is true! There is Chicago Blues! There is great Southern Blues! But New Hampshire Blues? Well, as long as Mighty Sam McClain is performing and living in New Hampshire, there will be true Blues in the Granite State! His new CD “One More Bridge To Cross” will prove that to any Blues fan to hear it. In fact if you haven’t listened to much blues, but enjoy soulful music, listen to Sam! This is a “Must Get’ CD if I ever heard one!

Holler Magazine
Colorado Blues Society, Bi-Monthly news
April-May 2003
Dave Angle

The artwork is very cool and the liner notes, written by Mighty Sam, convey pride, humility and commitment to music. Most importantly, the music is filled with power and emotion, drawing from the experiences of a life in the blues.

The Blues Ambassador

Capital Area Blues Society
Ron Eggleston

April 2003

Not all self-producing artists would be successful in getting the focused best from themselves. Mighty Sam clearly knows who he is, what he wants to say, and how he wants to say it. Amen.

May 2003
David Dupont

But the focus is McClain’s smoky, rough-grained baritone, that always seems to hold passion barely in check with plenty of fire in reserve. He imbues each song, whether he penned it or not, with autobiographical fervor.

Living Blues
David Whiteis
Mar/Apr/May 2003

…this is a heartfelt, musically invigorating, and refreshingly adult soul/blues statement that manages to be funky, driving, sexy, and spiritually uplifting without self-consciousness. Only a true-blood soul survivor like McClain could pull that off.

Blues Revue
Christine M. Krieser
August, 2003

“Another thing I always laugh about,” he says, “[is] most everybody who works in my band are college grads, got Ph.D.’s and shit hanging on the walls. And look at me – the little cotton picker from Monroe, La., who writes the checks. Hello!

“God shows me all the time: You’re not doing too bad, son. You don’t know how to do that, but you know how to do this. So be proud in what you know.”

Dirty Linen
June/July 2003

Celebrating his 60th birthday, Mighty Sam McClain has lost none of the fire or passion of the soul-blues singles that he released between 1966 and 1971. With his latest album, “One More Bridge To Cross”, he throws the clock back to the great soul era of Wilson Pickett, Joe Tex, and Otis Redding. Accompanied by a four-piece combo and the Mighty Horns (Pat Herlehy, Mark Pacquin, and Trent Austin) McClain threads the line between the gospel and the blues, roaring with a gut-driven intensity that is guaranteed to have you on your feet and dancing.

Globe and Mail
Brad Wheeler
June 2003

At The Downtown Jazz Festival
In Toronto on Sunday
Any small divide between spiritual music and soul music and blues was crossed well and early on -- the assembled crowd was more a congregation, the Downtown Jazz mainstage more a revival tent than anything else. It was near dark when Mighty Sam McClain took that stage, but surely it was Sunday morning somewhere, and surely a bit of testifying was in order.
…Funny thing, though, about McClain's gospel-soul mix. Like a swift three-card monte dealer, the singer switched quickly between the objects of his testimony, interchanging Woman and Lord so freely that we never were quite sure whom he was thanking, who had lifted him up.
Of course, it hardly mattered. It was McClain who was doing the lifting; it was we who were revived.