Mighty Sam McClain

below are some of the most recent releases from Mighty Sam Mcclain. A full discography will be available soon.
  Too Much Jesus (Not Enough Whiskey) - Sneak Peak

Because of such powerful requests by fans Mighty Sam McClain's newest project "Too Much Jesus (Not Enough Jesus" is available through his website. This is a pre release and is sure to quickly become a collecter's item! These are limited and not available in any store! This continues Sam's evolution where Betcha Didn't Know left off with great horn work and, as always, powerful vocals.

Track Listing:
1. I Wish You Well
2. Missing You
3. Can You Feel It?
4. Feel So Good
5. Tears
6. Stand Up!
7. Real Thing
8. Use Me
9. Rock My Soul
10. Hey Baby
11. So Into You
12. Wake Up Call
13. Too Much Jesus [Not Enough Whiskey]
14. Dance

One Drop is Plenty

Getting rave reviews for the sound quality and the soul of the album. Getting mostly 5 out of 5's from all critics. This album was proudly mastered by Björn Engelmann. You get a combination that blends the best from two chapters of blues and soul music’s history. One chapter is about a singer who has “lived the blues” from the time he ran away from home in Louisiana 13 years old and has been “on the road” since then. The second chapter is about how blues music through rhythm ‘n blues and rock has reached several generations in Europe and created a unique style of play among countless guitarists who have then in turn sought their ideal musical roots.

Track Listing
1 Life
2 Can You Stand The Test Of Love
3 One Drop Is Plenty
4 You Don´T Know Nothing About Love
5 Sweet Soft Kisses In The Rain
6 Learn How To Love You Again
7 Long Time Running
8 I Don´T Feel Noways Tired
9 Love One Another
10 Proceed
11 Open Up Heavens Doors

Love Duets Across Civilization - Scent of Reunion

A mighty American soul master, Mighty Sam McClain, and a lioness of Persian music, Mahsa Vahdat, meet a Norwegian human rights activist / producer, and sing a song of freedom.
The Iranian artist Mahsa Vahdat and the Norwegian producer and poet Erik Hillestad met each other through the project Lullabies from the Axis of Evil in 2003. Their cooperation in the many projects led to a meeting between Erik and the Iranian poet and painter Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari. Together with Mahsa the two made a poetic workshop of dialogue during one week in Venice in Southern France in December 2008. This exchanging of ideas became texts for love duets, and the words were given music by Mahsa Vahdat, the Norwegian composers Sigvart Dagsland, Knut Reiersrud and Jarle Bernhoft through the sping of 2009. The recordings featuring vocals from Mahsa and blues legend Mighty Sam McClain happened in Norway, USA, and Iran from April through July 2009.

Track Listing:
1. Meditating Over a Photo
2. Imprints
3. Ambassador Of Hearts
4. So Blue
5. Earth
6. Flowers No One Has Ever Seen
7. Migratory Bird
8. Born
9. My Kingdom Is You
10. Silent Song

Betcha Didn't Know

Sam's latest album with the Funky Divas of Gospel, Jim Macdougall, Jesse Lanoo, and others. Still not available in stores but you can get yours here! This album brings some new direction and depth to Sam's music, but the themes are the same:Love, Faith, and Hope.

Track Listings
1- Can't Stop the Funk
2- Lift Me Up
3- Never Go Away
4-Betcha Didn't Know
5- Don't Doubt My Love
6- What You Want Me To Do
7-Things Aint What They Used to Be
8- Just Wanna Be
9- My Love Will Never Die
10- Free
11- Funky Love
12- Hold On To Your Dreams
13- Be Ready

  Give US Your Poor

This compilation that spans genres and generations shines its spotlight on homelessness, showing that the problem remains as pervasive as ever. In collaboration with the Give Us Your Poor organization at the UMass Boston, the Appleseed folk label has paired artists like Bon Jovi with the down-home soul of Mighty Sam McClain, Bruce Springsteen with Pete Seeger and Michelle Shocked with Michael Sullivan, her longtime friend and a formerly homeless Vietnam vet. Natalie Merchant, Bonnie Raitt, and Dan Zanes are among the other artists who team with singers who are or have been homeless.

Track Listings
1. Land of 10,000 Homeless - Minnesota - audio documentary set to music
2. Show Me the Way - Jon Bon Jovi & Mighty Sam McClain
3. Baby Don t Let Me Go Homeless - Keb Mo & Eagle Park Slim
4. There Is No Good Reason - Natalie Merchant & Friends
5. Hobo s Lullaby - Bruce Springsteen & Pete Seeger
6. So Lonely - Sonya Kitchell
7. Becky s Tune - Michelle Shocked & Michael Sullivan
8. Walking the Dog - Bonnie Raitt & Weepin' Willie Robinson
9. My Name Is Not Those People (spoken, with music) - Danny Glover
10. I Think It s Going to Rain Today - Madeleine Peyroux
11. Portable Man - Del Goldfarb & John Sebastian
12. Boll Weevil - Dan Zanes & Kyla Middleton
13. Ink Falling (Father Outside) -Buffalo Tom
14. Stranger Blues - Sweet Honey in the Rock
15. 1,000 Miles Away * - Jewel
16. Impossible Boulevard (spoken excerpt, with music) - Tim Robbins
17. Feels Like Home - Mario Frangoulis
18. When We Left Minneapolis (spoken, with music) - Danny Glover
19. Here and Now * - Mark Erelli


  One More Bridge to Cross

This is a marvelous album that reminds you of classic soul, ala Al Green and the Memphis Stax sound, without sounding retro or dated. McClain has a commanding voice, writes great songs, and can assemble a fine band. "Mighty" is right.
-- James Mann (Decatur, GA United States)

Track Listing:
1. Why Do We Have to Say Goodbye
2. Witness
3. Open Up Heaven's Door
4. If It Wasn't 4 da Blues
5. Most of All
6. Are You Ready for Love
7. Been There, Done That
8. What's Your Name
9. Thought I Heard Your Voice
10. The Other Man in the Band
11. Sweet Honey Bee
12. Don't Leave Me Behind
13. One More Bridge to Cross


  Sweet Dreams

For sheer vocal command nobody can beat Sam McClain's red-clay roar. He's riveting, whether slowly chewing the syllables of the country-flavored soul ballad "Learn How to Love You Again" or bending words of devotion into breathy melismatic arches on "Here I Come Again," one of the many songs here that allude to McClain's deep spiritual convictions. Like all the songs on his six 1990s CDs, these are his diary pages. They refer to his childhood escape from an abusive home, his days on skid row, and the comeback that has put him at the apex of the traditional soul-blues world, second only to his idol, Bobby "Blue" Bland. McClain even revisits Patsy Cline's "Sweet Dreams," which he first made an R&B hit in 1966. Unlike the big, exuberant, horns 'n' rhythm sound of Aretha-era Muscle Shoals soul that typifies the rest of this album, his "Dreams" sticks to a spare piano and guitar framework, providing McClain the space to dig so far into his heart we can hear it beating within the tearful shake of his voice. It's high drama--proof that after nearly a half century of struggle, this mighty singer is living his own sweet dreams. --Ted Drozdowski

Track Listing:

  1. Here I Come Again    
  2. Sweet Dreams      
  3. Standing in the Wings      
  4. Learn How to Love You Again      
  5. Fool for the Blues      
  6. Living in My Dreams      
  7. Nothing but a Feeling      
  8. Respect Yourself      
  9. This One is for My Baby      
10. I Love Hard      
11. Where Would I Be?      
12. Must be the Music      
13. Here I Come Again (reprise)


  Blues For The Soul

All those young up-and-comers who think they know how to sing R&B and soul should really get themselves a dose of Mighty Sam McClain. The man waited years to record any albums (though there were a few singles in the 1960s), but it's been worth the wait. Blues for the Soul is McClain's first for Telarc Records, and it's a near-perfect debut. The slower, lazier songs are ideal for the heat of summer, but one could just as easily imagine listening to McClain in a dark, smoky nightclub in November. His voice is strong, but so smooth that at first you don't notice, and his backing band knows exactly how to support him; they're tight and on the money, but never overwhelming. McClain's perspective is quirky, yet mature, as exemplified by "Jesus Got the Blues" and "Sweet Lady" (in the latter, he sings the praises of smart women--recognizing that beauty's a transient thing, but brains last a lifetime). While there's no doubt he's passionate about his music, McClain's solid record is all the more appealing for its unassuming presentation. --Genevieve Williams

Track Listing:

1. All We Need Is Love 3:42
2. Dark Side of the Street 3:56
3. Love One Another 3:49
4. Going Back to New Orleans 4:09
5. No One Can Take Your Place 5:07
6. Jesus Got the Blues 7:47
7. Sweet Lady 3:08
8. Battlefield of Love 3:52
9. Mighty's Prayer 3:24
10. Sing Me Some Blues 5:14
11. Can't Stand It 3:17
12. Not I 6:21

  Soul Survivor: The Best of Mighty Sam McClain

Mighty Sam McClain's Soul Survivor CD is a "best of," 11 tracks that have been on his last four studio albums plus two unissued tracks, make up this welcome release for anybody new to Sam. A lot of smaller record companies have to try to make ends meet, so after about 4 albums, they bring out a "Best of," which is an excellent way to catch up with an artist or develop a "get to know" the artist. Enjoy!

Track Listing:

1. Too Proud
2. Can You Stand the Test of Love
3. Who Made You Cry?
4. New Man in Town
5. What Do You Want Me to Do?
6. Where You Been So Long?
7. Honey Chile [#]
8. Here I Go Falling in Love Again
9. Lord Will Make a Way
10. Hanging on the Cross (Between Heaven and the Blues)
11. I'm Gonna Love You
12. When the Hurt Is Over (Maybe Love Will Flow)
13. Give It Up to Love


  Joy and Pain

This is one of my favorites (a classic) the more you listen the better it gets.the band is as tight as it get's, very strong as you listen you wait for a bad tune there is'nt one. the guitar is exelent as for the horns witch i am not real big on can't be matched. the vocals are awsome i can't get enough of this one. i have over 1,000 blues cd's and this is a real stand out.i have 8 of his cd's this is my favorite just buy it you will be amazed.alsoit is over an hour of pure blues live in germany.

Track Listing:

1. Gone for Good [Live]  
2. Sledgehammer Soul and Down Home Blues [Live]  
3. What You Want Me to Do? [Live]  
4. Where You Been So Long? [Live]  
5. I'm So Lonley [Live]  
6. Forgive and Forget [Live]  
7. Lord Will Make a Way [Live]  
8. Long Train Runnin' [Live]  
9. A Soul That's Been Abused [Live]



The sustained comeback of soul man Mighty Sam McClain, who first recorded for Amy in 1966 is among the most heartening of musical stories. Journey ... is a finely polished gem.

Track Listing:

1. I'm a Man  
2. Thank You  
3. A Change Is Gonna Come  
4. New Man in Town  
5. No More Tears  
6. Mr. So and So  
7. Time Is Running Out  
8. I'm Yours  
9. Other Side of the Tracks  
10. Prove It to Me  
11. Hanging on the Cross (Between Heaven and the Blues)  
12. Somebody Help Me


  Sledgehammer Soul and Down Home Blues

Great music combined with excellent audio quality on this Audioquest CD!One of Mighty Sam's best albums, and probably my best blues-CD besides "Keep On Movin'", also from him. The fantastic recording quality brings out his powerful voice and all nuances of modulation for one of the rare sound experiences that not too many productions are able to present us, unfortunately. Listen to Joe Golindo's blues trombone on track 2, to Bruce Katz's ecstatic piano "rumbling" in the lowest tones on the keyoard on track 5 "When the Hurt is Over", then you know what I mean. The band is an excellent companion for Mighty Sam, probably the best ensemble he had among all of his albums. Listen to his dialogue with the band on track 4 and track 11 "Bridge of Faith". It's a superb album - one that I never get tired of listening to!Finally a warning: it's not for background listening - you got to take your time to listen to this album and really enjoy it, but it's worth it.
Expat in Asia "JO" (Bangkok, Thailand)

Track Listing:

1. Sledgehammer Soul and Down Home Blues  
2. Where You Been So Long?  
3. Trying to Find Myself  
4. Things Ain't What They Used to Be  
5. When the Hurt Is over (Maybe Love Will Flow)  
6. Pray  
7. They Call Me Mighty  
8. Dancin' to the Music of Love  
9. Hey, Miss Bea  
10. If You Could See  
11. Bridge of Faith  
12. Don't Write Me Off  


  Keep on Movin'

I bought this album after hearing "A Soul That's Been Abused" at a hi-fi show in the UK.
It's the first time I've ever been in a room full of people where EVERYONE was in silent awe after a track had finished. Instead of checking out the hi-fi they were asking "Who was THAT!?"

The track is just one gem in a diamond mine of an album.

Mighty has lived the blues and his way of testifying to the fact draws you in.

Buy this album and you will be converted to the cause.
-Stephen Paul Honisett

Track Listing:

1. Can You Stand the Test of Love
2. I'm So Lonely
3. Lord Will Make a Way
4. Who Made You Cry?
5. Hold on to the Dream
6. Don't Worry About Me
7. Keep on Movin'
8. A Soul That's Been Abused
9. I'm Sorry
10. Let's Have Some Fun
11. This Is All I Have to Say

  Give it up to Love

Rhythm & Blues legend Mighty Sam McClain's first release for AQM received every possible accolade including Pulse! Magazine's Blues Album of the Year for 1993. "The Great Torch bearer of deep soul."--Rolling Stone. "One of the great soul records, Recording of the Month."--Stereophile.

Track Listing:

1. Give It up to Love
2. Too Proud
3. What You Want Me to Do?
4. Here I Go Falling in Love Again
5. Got to Have Your Love
6. Child of the Mighty Mighty
7. I'm Tired of These Blues
8. I Feel Good
9. Love Me I You Want To
10. Don't Turn Back Now
11. Lonesome Road


  Live in Japan

A sophisticated bluesman in the tradition of Bobby "Blue" Bland or Joe Williams, Mighty Sam McClain had not recorded in some 13 years when he cut a demo of song called "Pray" in 1984. The demo attracted the attention of a Japanese promoter, who subsequently coordinated the Japanese tour from which this live album, recorded in Tokyo, is culled. Despite the presence of ace session guitarist Wayne Bennett, McClain's backing band is sub-standard and lifeless; few moments generate any heat.

Track Listing:

1 Every Day I Have The Blues
2 Sweet Dreams
3 Talk To me, Talk To Me
4 Fannie Mae
5 Why
6 Your Perfect Companion
7 In The Same Old Way
8 Pray
9 A Change Is Gonna Come
10 Whatever It Takes
11 Forgive And Forget
12 Dancin To The Music Of Love
13 This time I'm Gone For Good
14 I Just Came to Get My Baby (Out of Jail)
15 The Blus Is Alright

  Your Perfect Compainion

"The original 5-songs from the 1986 vinyl release with an added sixth track, the 1984 single release Pray. Your Perfect Companion brings a New Orleans flavor to the blues, with a gruff forcefulness that underlines the syncopated rhythms."

Geoffrey Himes, The Washington Post

Track Listing:

1. Backstreets
2. Why
3. Miss Bea
4. Your Perfect Companion
5. Pray
6. A Change Is Gonna Come


  Papa True Love

“Mighty Sam McClain validates his stage moniker every time he opens his mouth. Few Soul singers boast the prodigious pipes of this powerhouse, whose 1966-1969 sides for Amy Records (domestically reissued for the first time on this disc—rank among the southern soul genre’s most sensational statements.”

Bill Dahl


Track Listing:

  1. 1. Fannie Mae
  2. 2. Baby Come On Home
  3. 3. Georgia Pines
  4. 4. In The Same Old Way
  5. 5. I Need Alot of Lovin’
  6. 6. I’m A Man
  7. 7. Nothin’ But The Truth
  8. 8. Silent Tears
  9. 9. Sweet Dreams
  10. 10. Good Humor Man
  11. 11. Just Like Old Times
  12. 12. Talk to Me, Talk to Me
  13. 13. Badmouthin’
  14. 14. A Stranger to Me
  15. 15. I Who Have Nothing
  16. 16. Papa True Love
  17. 17. I Just Came to Get My Baby (out of Jail)
  18. 18. When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)


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Mighty Sam McClain